Preparations to cross the pond

Preparing to move

We weren’t strangers to moving, had moved to various places in England and Germany, but moving across the Atlantic was a whole new kettle of fish.  We needed visas and copies of every document known to man.  Lester handled the paperwork and I handled the packing. Our daughter was excited beyond all  belief and was hyper from the day we knew we were definitely moving, until the day we moved.  A period of about four months……! We sold all of our electrical equipment as the good old US didn’t work with what we had. The things we were taking to the US with us had to go a couple of months before we did.  As we were moving in January, that meant a very sparse Christmas.  The timing wasn’t perfect. I started packing boxes and throwing things away, often wishing I could take more.  I had the most beautiful Laura Ashley ‘Sweet Pea’ curtains in a couple of my rooms which I just loved. They were specially made, but we had to leave them. We were renting our house out to someone, just in case we decided America wasn’t right for us and we needed a home to come to.  Also because house prices had dropped so drastically in our area, that if we sold it, we would be upside down on our mortgage.  Crazy times in England back in 1994. Things were falling in to place though, and we got closer and closer to moving.  We signed a contract to rent our house out.  The guy who would be renting it was and American….go figure!


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