Travel Show – Wish you were here.

Judith Chalmers - Wish you were here!

It all started with a travel show called ‘Wish you were here’ presented by Judith Chalmers.  My daughter and I were sitting watching it one afternoon, waiting for my husband to come home from work. We lived in Kent, and he worked in London, traveling to and fro on the wonderful commuter train that sometimes had to stop for ‘leaves on the track’ or ‘the wrong type of snow’. We watched the wonderful eloquent Judith Chalmers as she took a trip on a train from Banf.  The train went through the Rocky Mountains, and whether by train, or by other means, she ended up in Denver. My lovely daughter looked at me and said “Mum, that looks like a great place to have and adventure”. A couple of minutes later the door opened and in came my husband.  “Ever thought of moving to Colorado?” I asked him, “No, but I will look into it” he replied. That was march of 1994!  Now if you read my other blog ‘Stop talking to me’, you know I have a gift.  Premonitions, dreams and some sort of second sight or sixth sense, which I do not control, it just happens.  For what ever reason, I knew instantly we would be moving to Colorado, and soon.  In fact we moved there in January of 1995, and I wasn’t the least surprised.  It wasn’t easy to make a transatlantic move.  You had to have a job to go to.  You had to be sponsored by that employer.  After a couple of telephone interviews, someone actually flew to Heathrow Airport and interviewed my husband, he was offered a job shortly after.

From the very moment my daughter said “that looks like a good place to have an adventure” I knew we would end up in Colorado.  We have been here ever since.  Keep checking in and read how it went.  It wasn’t alway easy, or pretty, but after fifteen years we are still here.


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