So for the first time in my life I am interested in something techy. Well to me it’s techy.  I have always been the recipient of ‘hand me down’ computers and cell phones.  My daughter or husband would upgrade and I would get their old ‘but still good’ model.  Not this time.  I am buying an ipad   Why, you ask?  Hey its all tied up to travel.  My kindle broke (handed down from my husband when he upgraded) and I need something to read on my way to Rome.  Now I could have bought another kindle but if I get an ipad, I can blog while I am there, download photos and send them….I am thinking apple made the ipad just for me.  I know what you are all thinking….I could take my laptop. Laptops are great, I couldn’t live without it, but the ipad is small and easier to travel with. This is not an ad for apple, just a very excited lady getting a new toy.  If anyone has any comments or tips to help me with my new acquisition, please share. Keep following, I will update you on how a writer, blogger and photographer utilizes the ipad.


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