First day of the American Dream

I lay in bed awake for a long time after hearing the train go by. Lester and Jo slept soundly until the alarm went off. Honestly, my body didn’t know what time it was. Lester got up and showered first, and then me. Our dear daughter got up and dressed and was ready for the first day of our new life. Lester went out to see if there was anywhere he could get us some breakfast. He came back with a confused look on his face, and a paper plates piled with doughnuts. “These were free for breakfast” he said before leaving again. He came back with coffee. I drank the (awful) coffee, but gave the doughnuts a miss. Even Jo turned her nose up at doughnuts for breakfast. She was (and still is) an egg and bacon girl.
Lester was going to go to work on his own, but looked at our faces as he was ready to leave, and decided to take us with him. We all climbed into the ugly white ford and off we went. The map which had been given to us the previous night, had a little route marked out from the motel to the office. It was easy to follow in daylight and we got to Lakewood in no time.
The office wasn’t very big and the next couple of hours were a little overwhelming as we were introduced to people. Jo and I sat around a lot while HR paperwork was filled out. HR I learned, was the American version of the Personnel Dept. When the paperwork was completed, Lester was very kindly given the rest of the day off….we were underwhelmed, but very grateful to be pointed in the direction of Denny’s where we enjoyed our first ‘All American Breakfast’, with more ways to have your egg cooked than you could even imagine. “Just give me a fried egg” Lester eventually said in frustration.  The waitress looked at me, I smiled at her and said “He likes them easy over”. Joanna started to laugh, and we all joined her, the waitress included.  I could see this was going to be a little bit of an adjustment. 

Breakfast was good!  It gave us some renewed strength, and after paying the bill, and persuading Lester that in this country, you had to leave a tip, we left to find a supermarket where we could buy some provisions to stock the little kitchen in the motel.  We would probably be there for at least a couple of weeks so we needed food. 




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