The American Dream – Television?

Here's Johnny!

We were all exhausted after dinner, the time difference was taking its toll.  We watched some soap operas, or at least tried to!  It seemed that in America, the shows filled in the gaps between ad’s and the ad’s were awful.  I got so tired of hearing ‘Lets go out to the kitchen’ which was a song in some ad I can’t remember.  Then there was lady who would look at her husband and say “Gordon, you looked constipated, you need Metamucil” Really?  Oh and don’t forget ‘My doctor says Mylanta’ which was an advert for something like ‘Milk of Magnesia’ I think. It seemed that the Americans were obsessed with eating (and running out to the kitchen for food while the ad’s were on), constipation and gas.  Oh, and that annoying man kept coming on to with the catch phrase “Here’s Johnny”.  I thought he must be a car salesman, but I later found out he was a Denver Broncos Quarterback, who had an interest in some car dealership which was named after him.  Joanna didn’t notice the ads, but I gave up on even trying to watch television.  By the time the ads finished, I had forgotten what I was watching.  I started writing notes and letter to friends I had left behind, but pretty soon I was too tired to do that.  We weren’t late going to bed that night, and I definitely slept better than I had the night before, until the four o clock train came through that was.  I did manage to go to sleep again though, but I would be really glad when we found somewhere to live.


Lester was up and showered before I even opened my eyes the following morning. He came into the bedroom all ready to go to work.  Before we left for the States, Lester had foot surgery (which made our last Christmas in England one to remember, but that’s another story), he had his big toe broken and re-set, which meant he had to wear trainers (or did they call them tennis shoes in the US?), anyway he couldn’t wear a leather shoe on his bad foot yet, because his foot was swollen and tender.  So he was all dressed for work with trainers on.  It didn’t look so bad though.

When he left, I got out of bed and put some coffee on, I also put some bacon under grill in the little toaster oven that came with the partial kitchen in our motel.  As it always did, the smell of bacon woke Joanna up and she came sleepily into the room in her dressing gown (robe in the U.S.).  As though she had lived here all of her life, she snuggled on the sofa, remote in hand, and found something to watch.  I smiled, it seemed like she was going to adapt to life over here just fine. It would have broken my heart if she didn’t like it here. 

I couldn’t attempt eggs in this make-shift kitchen, so for breakfast we had bacon, toast, orange juice and coffee.  It tasted good and made life feel a little more normal because I had actually cooked something myself.  I was impatient to get a place of our own, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Our furniture was due to arrive here from England on February 19th, so we really needed to have somewhere to live by then.

We ate breakfast and took our time showering and getting dressed, there was nothing to rush for, but it would be nice to get out of our motel room.  We had wandered around the area briefly the previous day and found there was nothing to see.  We were on a really busy road, that was difficult to cross, and the only thing on the other side was a petrol station (I never did get used saying gas instead of petrol).  Just as we finished dressing the door opened and Lester came in, he said he had filled out some paperwork and then his new boss had told him to take the rest of the day off and get some personal things taken care of, maybe look a cars and apartments.  Great!  We could go back and finish the paperwork and finalize dates to move into the apartment we had looked at the day before. The word apartment was starting to become natural for me to say.  As you know, in England we would have been looking for a flat!


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