Going Postal – Before I even knew what it meant

We were really excited about finalizing the paperwork for our new apartment and we Joanna and I were quite giddy as we pulled up outside the lovely apartments.  The were like a little walled city, all they needed was a moat around the outside and it would be a little Kingdom.  It was about ten thirty when we got inside and the girl we had been talking to the night before, Cindy, was sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen.  When she saw us she got up and came to greet us, smiling happily.  I liked her.

We sat down and she scuttled off to get us some drinks.  We could see the gym from where we were sitting, what a luxury to have a gym we could walk to.  I didn’t need to lose weight, but it would certainly be nice to keep fit. As I sipped my coffee, and Lester and Joanna sipped their hot chocolate, Cindy went over the rules and regulations of the apartments.  Everything seemed reasonable and we signed something to say we agreed to what she had read us.  She then opened the contract for us to sign, most of which she had completed for us, which was very nice of her. She then looked at Lester and said “I just need your social please, well actually I need both of your social security numbers” Joanna froze, it was like ‘deja vu’. Lester was as cool as a cucumber “We moved here two days ago, we don’t have a social security number, let me sign the paperwork, and then we will go and sort this number out”. Cindy was a little flustered.  “We can’t let you sign an agreement unless you have a social security number” she said “Without one you are illegal”. I could feel Joanna looking at us both. “Illegal” I said “Do we look illegal, what on earth are you talking about? Go and get your supervisor, or someone I can talk to. This is just ridiculous.  We have money and we want a home, whats wrong with you?” She got up and walked to a back office where I saw her talking to some young guy.  She returned on her own. “Sorry, we can’t let you rent from us without a social security number” she said. I was furious, just absolutely mad as hell.  I looked across to the office to where the guy she had been talking to earlier was standing with his arms folded and a smug look on his face.  I looked at Lester and then at Joanna. The only people in the whole world that I loved and cared about were sitting next to me, and this lady was telling me that they (and me) were illegal. For the next few minutes I went into something that I believe in this country is called (going postal).  I called her everything in the alphabet and stopped at the letter R when I called her a racist. As I was pelting her with words the way only us British can, she was backing away from me, and the big guy from the office was slowly (but carefully) walking forward.  I do believe they were both a little afraid.  I think Lester was actually a little afraid too. When I paused for breath and to fight  back my tears, he took me by the arm and led me out.  “Come on” he said “This isn’t getting us anywhere, and I don’t think we are welcome here anymore”  Joanna trotted along behind us.  Back then she had great little attitude, and she was glaring at Cindy and her bodyguard with a look that even  I wouldn’t challenge. They had upset her mum and she wanted them to know just how she felt about it.

We never set foot in that place again. 




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