Pompeii and Sorrento

Wow what a day. It started with an early breakfast. We picked up our Fiat Punto just before nine and headed for Pompeii. The actual town if Pompeii is a little seedy. Before we got to the official parking place, we were stopped and directed into a restaurant parking lot where they told us we could park for ten dollars, or five dollars if we ate there. What the heck, we parked there anyway. Pompeii (the ruins) was much bigger and better than I expected. So sad at the loss of life with the sudden eruption of Vesuvius. There were cooking pots still sitting on stoves. It was well worth the visit. Loved it! After the visit we had a drink in the restaurant, got fifty percent off our parking and drove to Sorrento. My mum always wanted to visit Sorrento (and Rome), so I hope she was watching me.

The Amalfi drive was fabulous! Malibu and the Pacific coast do not even compare. We parked in Sorrento and wandered around like lost tourists, ending up in the grounds of a Villa. The owner of this Villa was called Andrea and was extremely friendly(and very handsome) and helpful. I will attach photos taken from his wonderful villa overlooking the mediterranean. I will also add his website as he rents out vacation apartments. Andrea gave us a ride down to the beach and restaurants, such a nice guy. We are thinking that next year we may spend ten days (or so) in one of his apartments in Sorrento instead of our planned visit to England. England is so cold and boring.

We had a late lunch on the pier with glass floor tiles, which was a little unsettling as we could see the water and the fish below us. After sharing a pizza we walked back up the steep steps to the town and sat in another cafe where we had an ice cream. Yes we have eaten a great deal of Italian ice cream and enjoyed every single one. We may have to stay here forever, just for the ice cream.

Now I am sitting outside our lovely hotel on Via Veneto, it is almost ten o clock and still about ninety degrees. Lester had a couple of beers and then went upstairs to watch football. I am about to have a glass of frascati before retiring, I just love vacations, especially in Italy.

Only three more days left in Roma, how can the time have passes so quickly?

I have attached a photos taken from Andrea’s fabulous villa in Sorrento and a photo of Pompeii. When I post his blog tomorrow, I will also enclose Andrea’s website info.


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