Marriott Grand Flora – Roma

Wonderful friendly staff

I am still working on all of the things I want to share with you after my visit to Rome.  There is so much, but some things are really outstanding, The Marriott Grand Flora being one of them. We spend ten days here and I have to say it is definitely the nicest and friendliest place I have ever stayed.

Sunset over the Gardens Borghese

The hotel itself is over a hundred years old and sits at the top of Via Veneto. It is just across the road from the Gardens Borghese. If your room overlooks the gardens the sunsets are spectacular. We spent many evenings sitting outside the hotel enjoying a glass of Pironi, or Frascati. Often, exhausted from walking the streets of Rome, we ate there, too exhausted to walk anymore. The food here was as good, if not better than anywhere else we ate. It was fresh and delicious.

I can’t remember the names of all of the staff, but each and every one of them were helpful, attentive and made our stay an experience to remember.

Sit and watch the world go by

We were on the fourth floor of this hotel, and never used the elevator as the beautiful marble staircases were too good to miss. This is how hotels should look, elegant and timeless.

The marble staircases

We will visit Rome again, and when we do, it will be to stay at the Marriott Grand Flora. I hope the attached photos portray how wonderful this place is.  Wonderful hotel, wonderful staff, wonderful vacation.

Marriott Rome Grand Flora

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed our visit. We will return! This hotel is a haven in the heart of the beautiful bustling city of Rome.

The Elegant Lobby


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