Roaming Over

The Views


It may be a holiday weekend, but this weekend marks the end of my four weeks break from work. All good things have to come to and end eventually. Before I get back to the crazy world of work I thought I would post a couple more photos from my Roman Vacation for your (and my) pleasure.  

The Fountains and Piazzas


This is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. I took five hundred photographs whilst in Rome. I couldn’t stop snapping everyone and everything.  

Don't know why I love this photo - I just do!


One thing I will say for those of you anticipating a visit…..comfortable shoes, preferably ‘worn in’ tennis shoes – with cotton socks.  


 And then there was Pompeii and Sorrento!  




    The Transport! 

Wish this was my ride!


And finally the characters!

Sleepy Siesta


Good Food and Entertaining Waiters

Rome has become my new favorite City. I am so glad we went and I am sure we will go back. The photo’s do not do it justice. I will sip a glass of Italian wine tonight and pretend I am still there. I hope you liked my tribute to the beautiful city of Rome. It exceeded my expectations in so many ways!  


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