Fanny Pack – I don’t think so!

Denver skyline around midnight from I-25 and S...

Beautiful Denver skyline

There are lots of amusing memories about our first couple of years in Colorado.  It’s hard to remember them in order, but I do remember registering our daughter in Homestead Elementary School.  

It was a couple of days before we moved into our new apartment, and we thought it was a good idea to get her registered and take a tour before we moved, Joanna was eager to meet and mix with people her own age.  We dropped Lester off at work, and then I drove to Englewood to meet with her new teachers for the first time. We called ahead to make sure we could register and they were very excited to meet us.  The English accent always won people over and the were eager to meet us.   

We arrived just after nine o clock. I was pretty proud of myself, I had got lost only once. I was starting to recognize some roads and was finding my bearings a little better.  Arapahoe Road and Hampden Avenue were the roads I could always find my way from.  I can’t not remember the name of the teacher that greeted us at  Homestead, but I do remember how nice she was. She showed us around the school, and had the kids not talked with an American accent, we could have been in England.  Kids were kids no matter where you lived.  

The tour went well.  Joanna was excited. The only problem was which grade to start her in.  In England you started school at least a year earlier than in the U.S. so they had to assess her.  No big issue, they would start her in the easier class, and then move her up if needed.  Everything was good.  We were preparing to leave when the teacher remembered that on her first day (February 13th) her class would be going on a ‘Field Trip’, so Joanna would need to bring ten dollars to pay for it, and some spending money.  She advised that Joanna wore a ‘Fanny Pack’. 

Fanny – This is the word for a woman’s front bits! One doesn’t normally talk about anyone’s fanny as it is a bit rude. You certainly don’t have a fanny pack, or smack people on their fannys – you would get arrested for that! Careful use of this word in the UK is advised!

 I looked at my daughter, she looked back at me, and our mouthes fell open. We both looked at the teacher in horror.  

I composed myself and asked what a fanny pack was. When it was explained to me I told the teacher that in England, we called that a ‘bum bag’. I think she was as disturbed with that name as we had been with the fanny pack…………  


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