Almost home!

The container ship "APL Turquoise" o...

Our worldly possessions were on a container ship on its way across the Atlantic

When I say almost home, I mean we moved into our new apartment, and liked it a lot, but it wasn’t quite home yet.  It was a little bare!

We had a sofa and chair, a dining room table, a TV cabinet and a TV, but that was about it. We only had these items because we had purchased them in Colorado. The bulk of our furniture, including our beds, was in a container ship making its way across the atlantic, and due to bad weather, it was going to take a while to arrive. Being thoughtful parents, we slept on the floor and let Joanna sleep on the sofa cushions, which we spread out on the floor of her bedroom. We bought bedding, so we were warm. Our budget was tight, so we daren’t go out and buy air mattresses, we just ‘made do’.
We had to sell all of our electrical appliances prior to moving, as the difference in voltage meant they wouldn’t work in the US.  The apartment came with major kitchen appliances, but we had to purchase everything else. TV, video, hair dryers, radio…..the list just went on.  This is when we hit our next problem!
You get the picture!  We couldn’t even buy a DVD player on credit, which is why we had to be careful with our money. We had to buy everything CASH! We didn’t want to run up lots of credit debt, but it would have helped tremendously to get credit on a couple of things. Yes we could use our American Express, but we only had a Gold Card, so that meant paying it off at the end of each month.  We were a little disheartened. After conquering the Social Security number problem, we thought the worst was behind us. 
If we couldn’t buy anything on credit how were we ever going to get a credit history?
It was still nice to be in our own place again, I made it as homely as I could. Joanna didn’t seem to notice the ‘lack of furniture’, and saw sleeping on sofa cushions as a little bit of and adventure.  Lester was at work all day during the week, so he didn’t notice so much either.  He also didn’t seem to mind sleeping on the floor.  I couldn’t sleep on the floor, I tossed and turned and often ended up sleeping on the big arm-chair we had bought.  I felt like those uncomfortable nights would never end, but they did.  

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