Travel back in time for an Old Fashioned Halloween

Me as a ghost

An old fashioned Halloween

I met my Granddad in 1967 for the first time. He was my step dad’s father, so I suppose that made im my ‘Step Granddad’. He had white hair and the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. I didn’t get to know him very well, but had several interesting experiences with him. I will share more of these with you at a later date, but for now, lets travel back in time to 1967!

My dad loved his father and told us fond stories about him as he drove us to my Aunt’s home that night. My Aunt had a small hotel which was not a luxurious place, but homely and comfortable. We ate an early supper, and the young ones (including me) played ‘Murder in the Dark’.

My new-found family and I weren’t strangers for long, we scared each other, screamed and then laughed until we cried. My granddad’s blue eyes sparkled brightly that night, and when we were all sitting down, enjoying each others company, he stood up and switched the lights off.

The glow of the fire, and the dancing flames making shadows on the wall set the atmosphere. My granddad performed his well-loved party piece for the last time. I would like to share it with you. 

My granddad’s voice was a little weak and shaky as he started to speak, but then his words rushed out clearly and with passion.  I looked at my dad, who’s eyes were sparkling with tears, a look of utter joy on his face. My granddad had not spoken so clearly in a long time. This is what he said: 

As I was strolling out late one night, I heard a dreadful cry;

Proceeding from a lonely house that I was passing by;

I stood aghast, some horrid deed perhaps was being done;

Should I rush in heroic like, or should I look after number one;

Should I rush off and tell the Police….or should I, could I dare to venture in to see how matters stood;

And undecided quite, I leaned against the wall;

When OH LORD!, another shriek, a struggle and a fall;

My hat fell off, my hair stood up and occupied its place, while I fell quite frightened to the ground with a white and ghostly face.

Why was I such a fool to go for a lonely stroll?

Why was I so fond of reading all about Ghosts and Ghouls?

I walked to a passage, which was in the deepest gloom;

I groped my hands along the wall, untill I reached the room;

Then purposeless no longer, I thrust the door aside, and stood in the sickening vapour, close to the murderer’s side.

All off a sudden a women arose, from the corner in which she sat……..and said to me with the deepest emotion.









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