London, Birmingham, Darlington and Berwick upon Tweed

It’s a strange feeling to be going to England for a vacation. England is where I was born, and where I lived until 1995, before moving to Colorado. I lived in Germany briefly too, but England is where I was raised.

Now the plans are made and in a couple of days my family and I will be on our merry little way to visit all of the friends I left behind. First stop, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to stay with our old friends ‘The Dollies’. Then a brief trip to Chatham, followed by a couple of days in Birmingham. Next up north to Darlington for a week.

Whilst in Darlingon, I will of course visit the grave of my parents in Brompton on Swale. My first book ‘Guy at the Bar’ is set in Brompton on Swale. I wonder if my daughter will remember this place.

Whilst in staying with my brother in Darlington, we will get together with family I haven’t seen in over 20 years, as wells as old and dear friends. We will be making a trip to ‘Berwick upon Tweed’ to visit a very old and dear friend who breeds Shetland Ponies.

Berwick upon Tweed

Not sure if my brother has wi-fi, so you may be hit with a flurry of blogs when I get back to London. Here is a taster of some of the places I am visiting.

RIchmond North Yorkshire

I will post lots of photos and keep you all updated with my ‘Travel Tales and Mishaps’


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