London at Last

I lived here from 1961 until 1967

I loved my visit with my family and my trip down memory lane, but I am really looking forward to the next four days in London. It will be nice to visit our ‘old haunts’ here.

I can now post some photos taken last week, as the wi-fi here is much better.

Joanna in Richmond Castle

The house I lived until I was ten is on the left. I hasn’t changed one bit.

On the right is another photo of Joanna in Richmond Castle. She had a lot of fun climbing the keep.

Last night we had a fantastic Indian meal with Will, Sophia and Margaret. My brother had dental work during the day and couldn’t make it, but we went back for a cuppa afterwards and tormented him. Another late night and an early start this morning has made us all tired, but not too tired to get a shower, freshen up and head for the bar. Time is running out and there is a lot to see in London. Myles (Lester’s nephew) and Terri (Lester’s sister) are joining us tonight.

I gave my sister-in-law a copy of  ‘Girl on the Beach’ last night for my brother to read, as I talk about him in the book. I think he may be flattered by my mention, at least I hope he is.

Hopefully Lester in on the underground now, after dropping the car off at Heathrow. It wasn’t a bad car, but I am happy we have no more long journey’s, it was exhausting. Now time to have fun in London. Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant tomorrow…..I hope he pops in!

Friends since 1975!


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