Still sharing photos from our fun in Chiswick. I do miss my friend Julie a lot!

Great day in Chiswick

Today Lester met an old work college Dave Brown, while Joanna and I walked across Hyde Park and into Knightsbridge. We wandered around Harrods looking at all the things we couldn’t afford to buy. We sat in Harrods Chocolate Bar and had a cup of tea and a chocolate fondue, into which we dipped fresh strawberries and marshmallows. Yum! We wandered around a little more and then got the tube to Covent Garden, where we met Lester and wandered around Covent Garden Market. I bought myself some trinkets.

Couldn't resist!

We walked back through Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, up Regent Street, along Carnaby Street (which Joanna had never heard of) and back along Oxford Street. All in all, today we probably walked ten miles, or so my feet tell me.  We worked up an appetite for a fabulous Chinese meal at a highly recommended Chinese Restaurant close to the hotel. The food was delicious! In fact it is the best Chinese food I have eaten since I left England sixteen years ago. We stuffed ourselves. Funny thing is though, I went to use the bathroom in the restaurant and for the second time in two days, found a man undressing himself in public. This time he was Chinese….what is it with people stripping in public in London? At least this guy was clean!


After dinner Joanna and I walked back down Oxford Street so she could spend her remaining fifty pounds in the H&M Store. I was pretty exhausted by this time, having been out and about since ten o clock this morning. Money spent, we returned to the hotel, and to the lounge for a night-cap. Now, exhausted and with cases mostly packed, I am posting my last but one blog. Tomorrow night we are staying at a hotel at Heathrow Airport, where some friends from Hanworth will be joining us for drinks…..yes party until the last-minute. Then I need to come back to the US for a rest. Roll on next May and Mexico, when I can have a real vacation!

Bought some new gates for my house




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