Washington Dulles

Here I am sitting in Washington Dulles airport. I have to sit in this dowdy place for another three hours. While I am here I can at least share some more photos. Yesterday I took some time to myself while Lester and Jo went to the National Gallery. I wanted to pursue my other hobby…photography, so I took the tube to Tower Bridge and wandered.

Houseboats on the Thames

The area surrounding London Bridge has changed since we left sixteen years ago. There are still a few houseboats, but the area has been built up and looks very classy.

New buildings across the river from the Tower of London

I wandered around for an hour or so just enjoying the view and snapping photos. The sun was actually shining, although there was still a cold wind.

Tower Bridge

We all met back at our hotel and collected our luggage from storage ready for our final night in a hotel at Heathrow Airport. I will blog about this hotel on my other blog, as I think it deserves a ‘Horror Story’ review.

We did spend a pleasant evening with our friends Gail and Graham, who we last saw in Paris in 1977. When friends live so far away, you see them when you can, and enjoy their company to the full when you see them.

Now here we are in Dulles Airport, awaiting our flight for the last leg of the return journey.

Back to work on Friday!




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