STI – more smiles for miles – Goodbye

Exciting - fun - raw power

How I loved this car! I bought in September of 2003 and cherished until June 2011. The STI was a beast and raced from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds (or less). The engine sounded great. In 2004 this was one of the first ‘SUPER CARS’. Yes the Mitsubishi Evo gave the STI a run for its money, but I think the STI prevailed. It had more class, more flair, more panache.

The first road trip we did in this car was from Colorado to San Francisco (via Elko Nevada), and then to Santa Monica, driving back via Las Vegas. It was fun flying along the I-80. We NEVER broke the speed limit of course! (well maybe just for a while). For eight years this car made me smile over and over again.

Where is it now? Its making my daughter smile instead!  What am I replacing it with? Wait and see! I can guarantee it won’t be as quick away from the lights.

For now lets just pay tribute to almost eight years of a fantastic exciting car. A car that wasn’t as expensive as the BMW M5, but it gave more smiles per mile. It was always ready to go and never left us disappointed. I had to control myself in this car, because once you stopped paying attention to the speedo, it would shoot up to 85 before you had time to rein it in and over a hundred before you could blink. (not that I tried this out, just guessing)

Good-bye STI, I shed a tear when I saw you drive away, but the smile on my daughter’s face was worth it. Miles of smiles for her now, a new journey for the STI, with someone who will love it just as much as I did.

Many of us have the need for speed and driving a car that has raw power is one of the greatest pleasures in life! 




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