Cursed Cars?

Today I would like to talk about the vessel in which we travel. The car. I have had many cars over the past thirty some years, but I can honestly say the cars I have loved the most are also the cars that have caused me the most grief. My love for cars started when I was 17. Not sure why, but I was hooked. Of course my passion was for the Italian car. Eventually, whilst living in Germany, at the young age of 25, I got my first Alpha Romeo. A silver Alphasud.

Our first Alpha Romeo

This is the exact car we bought. We LOVED it. That car was fast. We didn’t have it for long because things started happening.

My husband was driving on the autobahn in this car when something felt wrong. He pulled and checked it, only to find the tires were falling apart. Big chunks of tread were peeling off. This isn’t good when you are doing over 100 miles an hour on the autobahn.

The dealership gave use new tires.

About a month later someone decided to take a hammer to the bonnet/hood and made an awful mess of it. I cried.

We knew we had to get rid of the car, even though we loved it, it wasn’t meant to be.

We traded it in for another Alpha Romeo, and what a car that was. I loved that Guilietta. It was a black beast.

Mafia Staff Car

I can’t really find a picture that does this car justice, but we lovingly called it the ‘Mafia Staff Car’ because that’s exactly what it looked like. This car drove us from Germany to Italy in style. I loved this car, until a German bus reversed into it. I watched from my office window as this happened, and flew down the stairs ready to kill the idiotic bus driver. I thought my husband was going to cry. I had to be restrained. The next car we bought was a Saab 900 Turbo. Fast but without the personality of the Italian Cars.

We had not given up hope yet though.

We moved back to England, taking the Saab with us, and when it died we took a trip to Newcastle Upon Tyne where someone was selling an Alpha Romeo Sprint Veloce. We bought it and drove it home!

Sprint Veloce – ours for a day

We drove it back the following day after having it checked out, it was in bad shape and dangerous to drive. We were extremely lucky as the guy selling it was shady to say the least, and it could have ended badly.

Still desperate for another Alpha Romeo, we went back home to Chatham and found a Guilietta for sale in London. We went and looked at it. It was silver and seemed to be in good condition. It checked out mechanically so we decided to give it a try!

Last Alpha

We just weren’t meant to have an Alpha Romeo in any way shape or form!

We were driving down a very dangerous road in Kent. A road notorious for accidents, when without warning the bonnet/hood flew open, blocking our view completely. It smacked back against the front window. My husband was driving. My daughter and I screamed. Luckily he managed to safely pull over. We were traveling at around eighty miles an hour so this could have ended very badly.

Now with the exception of the Spring Veloce, which we should never have bought from the ‘crook’ in Newcastle, these were all good cars, but for some reason, we were not meant to have them . It saddened us because we loved Alpha’s. Are these cars cursed? I think not! Are they bad cars. No! Maybe a little temperamental like anything Italian, but we just aren’t supposed to own one. What did we buy next? A black Golf GTI! Never had a bit of trouble with that. Sold it to move to America!

What is the moral of this story? I have no idea, I just wanted to share it.

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