New Home – New Life

So there we were, settled in our new home in Parker Colorado, with Christmas on the way. Life was good! We were making new friends. We even had ‘Old Friends’ so to speak. Our friends from the area in which we briefly lived in Englewood came to visit and I delighted them with a traditional English lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings.

Traditional Sunday Lunch

I enjoyed showing off our new home. Compared to the terraced house (town home) we lived in England it was huge. We had a big back yard, which we would get to work on in the Spring. Two bathrooms, can you imagine that, two bathrooms!

We had a huge basement, which our friend Chuck was going to help us turn into an Office, with another bathroom. We had a laundry room in the basement. We felt so special!

Life was changing drastically and even though we didn’t realize it, we were becoming Americans!

We had a lovely Christmas in our new home, I cooked a huge Christmas dinner, much more than we could actually eat, but it felt good. We felt like we were Christening the house.

We Christened the house





1995 was drawing to a close and we were looking forward to 1996. A year where I hoped to be able to get a work visa and bring in some extra money, a year where Joanna would start yet another new school, and unbeknown to us at the time, Lester would start a new job.


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