Cowboys and American Saddlebreds!

I was raised on a farm. A farm that bred prize Angus bulls, sheep and race horses.

Remember Davey Jones from the Monkees? He was a visitor to the farm where I was raised. He rode at Middleham stables close by.

So was Willie Carsons. You had to live in England to appreciate Willie Carsons. Because of my background, it was only natural that Joanna wanted to ride horses. I was happy that she chose to do this, little did I know how much it would cost.

Just across the road from where we moved, was a big red barn, run by Eileen. Miss Eileen, as she was known to the kids.

From the first day we visited Miss Eileen at the big red barn, I knew Joanna was hooked. I felt like I had returned to the farm on which I was raised, I walked into that barn and smelled horses

Joanna learned how to ride. To be honest, it came natural to her. She was born to ride. I loved watching her ride. I rode with her. We took trail rides together. It was fun.

After a while it became more than fun, she became competitive. Joanna got her first taste of  horse shows. She loved winning those blue ribbons.  We were having fun. We met real cowboys and we felt like we were in the Wild West.

Both Joanna and I were having the time of our lives. We lived and breathed horses!

Keep reading for my updates on our trips to Kansas City Wichita and the Stock Show.

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