Saddles and Bra’s

Once Joanna started riding, it became an obsession. She rode as often as she could, which was easy because the barn was just across the road. At first it was simple and fun. We took trail rides together. We became familiar with different breeds of horses. There were Arabians, Morgans,  Quarter horses and mustang’s, but the horse we couldn’t take our eyes off was the magnificent American Saddlebred.

Trail rides

Miss Eileen loved Saddlebreds and her barn was filled with them. The kids learned to ride on the older horses. Rocky was a favorite.  As the kids got more competent, they graduated to the younger, more spirited horses. The horse I most remember best was ‘Bo’. His full name was ‘Country’s Bo Diddley’. Bo was older but temperamental. Bo was a big gorgeous horse. He almost killed me once, but that’s a different story.


Neither Joanna or myself were scared of horses. I had been raised on a farm that raised thoroughbred race horses so I had been around horses all of my life. Joanna was just a natural.

I was a little rusty when it came to riding, and was always grateful when, at the end of a trail ride, the stable hand (An intern who wanted to be a vet) helped me dismount.

On one occasion, when my legs just didn’t want to work anymore, I slid off the horse with the help of the kind young stable hand.

My feet didn’t make it to the ground, I was suspended in mid-air. What was holding me there?

The young man tugged at me a little before standing back to see why I was not parting company with the horse. I was laughing and blushing all at the same time. The kids gathered around me, and the horse, to see what was going on.

I was dangling from the horse, suspended from the saddle horn by the  under wire of my bra. Pretty soon the kids were laughing too. The poor stable hand stepped forward and lifted me up whilst I ‘unhooked’ myself, and then gently lowered me to the ground. I was relieved the horse had stood still this whole time and glad when my feet eventually touched the ground.

The poor red-faced stable boy walked off shaking his head. I’m not easily embarrassed and its a tale I tell often. It always makes me laugh. Not many people can claim to be attached to a horse by their bra.

I still have a lot of tales to tell about my becoming ‘Americanized’ so keep checking back. Check out my free e-book on ‘Girl on the Beach’ or download ‘Guy at the Bar’ for $0.99 from the links below


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