First snow of the season

I have shared plenty of travel tales with you all, now its time to talk about some mishaps. Today is one big mishap and pretty soon I think I am going to ‘write it off’ and open a bottle of wine……..

When I woke up this morning I just felt ‘off’. My neck hurt and I felt groggy and slow. It was also really dark. I looked at the clock thinking it was still early, but no, it was seven o clock. I opened the shutters to see four inches of thick heavy snow on the ground outside. It’s only October 8th! Snow is OK, we live in Colorado, it happens.

I put on my robe and went downstairs to make some tea and toast for breakfast and made it just before the power went off.  The toast popped out of the toaster as we lost power.  At least I got breakfast.

Of course in this wonderful world of technology mayhem takes over when the power goes off. All of the UPS thingies, that we have to protect the servers that we need for my dear husband to work from home, started beeping. Wonderful!

While the power was off I weighed up all the dried fruit that I needed for the ‘Jamaican Christmas Cake’ I am making.  Two pounds of assorted fruit which would be minced and soaked in 1.5 liters of dark rum and sweet wine for two weeks.

Not sure if mine will look as fancy as this one when it is done, but it will taste good and you will definitely taste the rum.  I placed the fruit into my blender to mince before soaking and my blender worked for all of two minutes and then stopped. What was the problem? Great, I needed a new blender. It was an expensive one too!

A lovely moist slice.

 I looked on the bright side, I loved shopping so maybe there was some snazzy new model I could buy! I took out my hand blender and plugged that in, it would take longer, but still do the job…….thirty seconds and it died…….”LESTER!” I shouted, now I was getting a little frustrated.

My poor husband left his ‘man cave’ in the basement to come and help. IT GOT WORSE!

About three years ago at Christmas he bought me a lovely digital photo display. It is very big and has a beautiful antique looking frame. It hangs on the wall and displays my photo albums which are stored on my computer. I love it! My vacation photos of Paris, Rome, Mexico and England are there for me to look at all day long. Photography is my long time hobby. My beautiful photos could no longer be seen. The photo frame had stopped working and no matter what Lester did, he couldn’t get it to work again. The company who makes it went bankrupt a year or so ago, a casualty of the economy. They were local too, from Boulder. It is a sad, sad day.

At least the fruit is soaking in the liquor, but before I can mince it and make my cake, I need a new blender. I just looked over at my digital photo frame, hoping some miracle had made it work again, but no. Its blank.  Now my ‘ high-speed internet’ connection is so slow, my blog is taking twice the time it usually would…….Oh, and did I mention my favorite little camera has BROKEN!!!!….AHHHHH where’s the wine?

Art by Andy Bennett


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