There was a mustang called Wizard. He was a funny looking cute little horse……or so I thought. Miss Eileen had him in for training, and it seemed to be going well.

He was a lot different from the wild mustangs I had read about. He was short and black with grey hairs scattered through his black coat. The name Wizard suited him well.

On a Sunday afternoon we often went for trail rides. There would be a handful of  kids with myself as the responsible adult. It was fun. I was not a seasoned rider, but had no fear of horses. I loved them. One particular Sunday I rode Wizard. As I said earlier, he was a small cute looking horse. I think I was riding him as a test to see how the training was going…..it started out well. He was short and quick. His turns sharp turns took some getting used to. I wasn’t too worried about falling off though, because of his short stature. Not far to fall. I actually enjoyed my ride.

The young girls were having a fabulous time, laughing and talking. They handled their horses well, all budding equestrians. We rode for about an hour and were almost home. The young ladies on the saddlebreds were ahead of me and almost back to the barn.

“Moooooo” Wizard stopped dead. I almost went over his head he stopped so quickly.

“Mooooooo” There were cows in the field between the barn and me.

“Mooooooooooooooo” Wizard obviously didn’t like cows and turned around quickly as only a Mustang can. I still stayed on his back. He needed to get away from those cows and he galloped, a jerky and very fast gallop. I clung on for dear life. Wizard was not going anywhere near those cows so he galloped for about a mile, around the whole perimeter of the field. I was hanging on, but only just. I looked up and saw the girls (including my daughter) sitting on their horses at the entrance to the barn, not quite sure what to do. Miss Eileen was standing next to them watching me. Wizard kept going, but now we were heading back in their direction. “Where are the cows” I thought. If they had moved we could keep galloping around this field all day.

Those scary cows

The cows had not moved, in fact they seemed to be watching us with amusement. I saw the fence getting closer and closer and hoped this spooked mustang was not going to attempt to jump it. I had never been on a horse when it jumped a fence. Wizard showed no sign of slowing down. Suddenly, he just stopped. I clung on with my knees and wrapped my arms around his neck. I heard the kids cheer. They were obviously expecting me to fall off too.

My trusted mount was standing still, so I slid off, my knees had turned to jelly, so I stood still for a while until I felt I could move again. I took his reins and walked to the gate with as much dignity as I could muster.

Yes the young stable hand was there waiting for me with a silly grin on his face. The week before I had been swinging from a big horse by my bra, this week I had ridden on a very small ‘out of control’ mustang. He could laugh all he liked because I lived to tell the tale.


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