The French!

When ever I think of ‘The French’. I have to smile. I love France, especially Paris, but most of all I LOVE THE FRENCH!

My friends in America, and in England for that matter, always poke fun at the French. They criticize their haughty manner. I think the French are just misunderstood.

We loved Cannes

During the early years of our marriage we visited the Cote d’Azur often. We loved Cannes and all of the other little seaside towns along the French Riviera. St. Tropez of course was a favorite. How we loved to see the yachts in the water, and the Ferrari’s, Lamborghini‘s and Maserati‘s parked by them on the road.

Our first trip to France was by train and ferry from England. It was in the early eighties and there was a disco on the train. I can say I sped across France whilst dancing to disco music.

We have also driven to the South of France, stopping in Grenoble and Dijon. Lovely memories.

Which way next

Our last visit was from here in Colorado, and we flew. It was a long journey, but from the minute we arrived it was fun. I say it again, I love the French. They talk quietly and earnestly and are very eager to please. They are also extremely sensitive and do not like to be made fun of. The French, on the whole, are extremely smart, worldly and sophisticated. Next time you visit, remember that, and treat them with respect. You will be surprised at how much respect you get in return.

Looking out of the window in the palace at Versailles

One more reason I like the French……they have started buying my book ‘Girl on the Beach’. I think the French and I have a lot in common, I hope they enjoy the story.

To download your free ‘Girl on the Beach’ e-book click on this link  Girl on the Beach (US).

My other book ‘Guy at the Bar’ is available for $0.99 at Guy at the Bar Amazon

Both books are also on in the UK, France and Germany.

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