October Snow in Colorado – get your snowboard tuned!

Two hours of shovelling

How is it whenever we get a major snowstorm my husband is out-of-town? Who expected this much snow in October? I shovelled and shovelled and now my shoulders and back are screaming!

I started clearing the snow away at 6:30 this morning, but it was a waste of time, the snow was covering the driveway as quickly as I was clearing it. I went inside and sat down in my home office to work.

At eleven the snow seemed to taper off a little so I went back outside and picked up the snow shovel again. Two and a half hours later………I finished. My back and shoulders were screaming, but I daren’t stop for fear of not being able to start again. I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow morning.

It was a lovely winter scene, even though Winter has not yet arrived.

My car poked its nose out of the garage and shivered!

That was hard work

When I eventually finished I took a walk around the back yard. The snow was up to me knees in most places and even higher where it drifted. I gently shook the heavy snow off the branches of my trees.

Eventually I was done and when I wake up tomorrow I can jump in the car and drive to work, unless it snows again. Note to self….Buy a SNOW BLOWER!

Dramatic snow laden sky.


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  1. Colorado Travel
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:44:41

    It is really amazing the snow in Colorado but lately the weather has been so strange. We are in the month of Novmeber and we still don’t have snow, or even real cold weather. And we have a lot of wind which is something we just would get in November. The poor weather just down’t know what to do!


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