Trinita dei Monti


I spent two weeks in Rome in 2010. It was a dream come true. I love Italy and have visited it many times. Venice, San Marino, Lake Garda, Verona as well as many other places. The Islands around Venice (Murano and Burano) are spectacular.

Rome completely blew me away though. It was like stepping back in time. Every corner you turned brought a new delight. It was beautiful and overwhelming.

The photo above shows the Spanish Steps and the beautiful church of Trinita dei Monti. We visited that area often and even bought a couple of oil paintings from a wonderful artist there. We buy paintings from everywhere we visit. It’s nice to have the memories of our travels hanging on the wall.

As in all Italian churches, you have to cover your bare arms and shoulders to enter and I did. I walked inside the beautiful old building. It was exquisite with beautiful candlesticks. I wanted to take photos and explore every piece of it, but it wasn’t to be. The further into the church I got, the more uncomfortable I felt. I could hardly breathe. I stood still for a while, trying to calm myself. I took another couple of steps forward and my chest felt like it was being crushed. I tried to take a photo, but I didn’t have the strength to lift up my camera.

I was forced to turn around and leave the church. What happened? I have no idea. I felt fine the moment I stepped back outside. I watched other people come and go happily.

Something in that church didn’t like me and wanted me out.

Let me know if you have had a similar experience.

Maybe I should have posted this on my other blog, that deals with ghosts and the paranormal.


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