Moving to America – Who ate the pig?

We made a lot of friends when Joanna started to ride. It was fun.

I was raised in an equestrian environment, but these horse people were different. They were the ‘salt of the earth’. They weren’t the  rich snooty equestrians who met on the village green and were served sherry while they prepared to go fox-hunting.

Meeting to Hunt

The people we mingled with here in Colorado loved their horses and went broke to keep them.

Joanna rode at the big red barn on Parker road. It is now a Country Store, but in 1997 when she started riding, it was home to several wonderful American Saddlebreds, a couple of Morgans, a Mustang and some cute little miniatures. We hung out at the barn a lot, even when Joanna wasn’t riding.

This used to be a barn


We were invited to our first ‘Pig Roast’ at the barn in August of 1997.

It was a very hot day and as we lived just across the road from the barn, the delicious smell of the roasted pig wafted across to our home making our mouths water.

We got there about twenty minutes late, not thinking it would matter. No one ever arrived on time……WRONG! Maybe these horse loving people were so broke they hadn’t eaten for a long time because by the time we got there…….there was NO PIG LEFT!  The carcass had been picked clean!  We never arrived late for a pig roast again.

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