A new season of snowboarding challenges

I pulled out my snowboarding gear today. Gloves, wrist guards, helmet, pants, boots and of course my Epic Pass!

Will I be a little better this year? I hope so!

I have been working out, building up my strength and stamina, but none of that gives me the confidence I need to just ‘let go’ and trust the mountain.

I don’t need to look like this!

I just don’t want to look like this.

I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I love being on the mountain, I love the views, the people, the whole activity.

I just lack to confidence to let myself go. Now I have one more reasong to have a good snowboarding year

I am 54 and when I got my snowboard tuned this last time, the guy who I gave it too (who looked about 12) asked me how my daughter liked her new bindings…….”They are mine” I told him…..he didn’t even apologize, but instead looked at me like I was lying…..

I stood there, hurt and angry and thought, “put anymore weight on fatso, and you won’t be able to snowboard much longer yourself”.

Didn’t say it though, but if he is reading my blog…..HE KNOWS WHO HE IS!



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