– What a nightmare.

I am currently on hold with and have been for three hours. I have them on speaker phone so I can get on with my life during the wait. Yes, I know it is a busy day today for booking vacations etc., but the phone has actually been answered by customer services twice already. The first Customer Services person was rude and sarcastic and transferred me to someone else, the second put me on hold and then never got back to me. Charming and how unprofessional. Now it has become a challenge and I so very angry. I travel a lot, but have never used this company, I usually book directly with the hotel. Let me tell you my story:

I was booking a room for two nights at the Keystone Lodge and Spa. I have stayed there previously and like it a lot. I was half way through my booking when pop-ups appeared as they sometimes do. There was travelocity, trip advisor and then these jokers ( I looked at the price and it was cheaper, so I thought ‘What the Heck’ and gave them a try. BIG MISTAKE! There was a drop down on the site asking you to choose a country. The UK was selected so I changed it to United States, yes I talk like a Brit still but I do live in Colorado. I went through with the booking and the final price appeared, £347.45. Yes they charged me in GBP.

If I went ahead with this booking it would cost me 539.36 USD plus the currency conversion fee on my Amex….I tried to contact someone at by phone and was on hold for around an hour. When I eventually spoke to someone she was only interested in telling me this had never happened before and WAS NOT willing to help. She transferred me to someone else, who never answered.

Why would I be charged in Great Britain Pounds. Obviously I have now cancelled my reservation, but if this charge goes through my credit card, I will be charged a cancellation fee as well as a currency conversion fee.

The very unprofessional people at don’t seem to know how to handle this or what to do. I would advise anyone NEVER TO BOOK THROUGH HOTELS.COM if you want to be able to talk to a real person.

I will keep you informed as to what transpires, but please learn from my mistake and use a company that cares. I will certainly never make the mistake of using them again.

Happy Travels and Happy New Year to you all.


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