– The Saga Continues

So almost 24 hours later I got an email from who said they had been trying to contact me ALL DAY yesterday. I emailed them back and asked them to call me, which give therm their due, they did.

A young gentleman called Lloyd represented today and has been the only person there who seemed to have his act together. They had no record of my calling them yesterday. Hardly surprising as the only two times I got through I spoke to totally disinterested people who tried to pass me on to an elusive someone else.

Lloyd told me that the refund had been processed (it has not yet showed up on my credit card so why can’t they just CANCEL THE WHOLE THING) but I would still be charged a cancellation fee.

They still don’t get the problem, I was charged in GBP for a reservation I made in USD. Even if this was processed and refunded there would be a Foreign Currency fee. They don’t seem to understand that their customer service is the problem, a whole day and no one could talk to me.  By the end of the phone call I was told it would take seven days, but I would be refunded the cancellation fee. I am so happy I could throw a party (Please excuse my sarcasm, but really they made a mistake, not me)

If you are making a reservation through, make sure you check the hotel price too. This really wasn’t much cheaper than it would have been had I booked directly through the Hotel.

If you value customer service – book directly and avoid the likes of these people. It is definitely the first and last time for me. Now to call American Express to stop the charge at that end. What a total waste of my time.




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