San Francisco – 1999 – Moving to America

It’s a while since I talked about the experiences I had when I first moved to the US from England in 1995. Moving was fun, but quite an adventure. Our first trip out of Colorado was to San Francisco in April of 1999. It was the first time I had been to California and I was excited. The weekend was a business trip for my husband, but my daughter and I tagged along for the ride. I am glad we did as I have been several times since. San Francisco is still one of my favorite places in the US, closely followed by New Orleans.

I have never enjoyed flying, so my first flight in four years was a nail-biting experience for me, but I got over it. It was worth it. We arrived in San Francisco airport on a Friday evening, and took the shuttle to the hotel. We were staying in the San Francisco Marriott downtown. After this trip I was hooked on Marriott’s. It was a busy amazing experience. Jo and I were very excited, we both loved to travel, and San Francisco has quite the history. It was nothing like I expected it to be. It was much better.

We dumped our cases in our room and headed for the bar on the 39th floor. Wow!

I was blown away with the view. By the time we got to the bar it was after nine o clock so too late for me to eat, so I ordered a ‘Golden Gate Margarita’, my husband ordered a beer and my dear daughter ordered a delicious fish dish. I can’t say I blamed her. This was San Francisco after all.

We sat in the window seat of this wonderful hotel until late, watching the lights in the bay and drinking in the atmosphere (and the margaritas).

The rest of the weekend flew by. We walked, ate breakfast at a sidewalk cafe on Fillmore,  attended a company function in a historic building, ate at a restaurant on the end of Pier 39 and generally had a good time, but the most memorable part of this quick trip to San Francisco, was sitting drinking margaritas on the 39th floor of the hotel and watching the world go by.

This was the first of many trips to this colorful city. A city I never tire of exploring.

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