– Final Update – Never use them.

A couple of weeks ago I shared my experiences with you regarding attempting to book a trip through The good news is, I did get a refund for the trip I booked. The bad news is I am still out-of-pocket because of the currency exchange fee. If you read my previous post you will remember that this inefficient company charged my credit card in GB Pounds, even though I live in Colorado and was booking a hotel in Colorado.

It’s useless trying to fight this as each time I make contact with them, I get a different customer service rep, who simply doesn’t understand why there is a problem. The customer service is a joke, as are there supposedly low prices.

I finally booked my weekend in Keystone, through Keystone reservations  (thanks Anastasia) and got a much better price. More importantly I got polite and helpful customer service.


I was so happy with Keystone reservations that I booked two weekends through them. On both occasions, I am staying at the Keystone Lodge and Spa.

We stayed in this lovely cosy resort last April 2011 and loved it.  

The Bighorn Steakhouse is on-site at the Keystone Lodge and Spa, and is, in my opinion, one of the best restaurants in Colorado.









The view over the mountains, on a misty morning is unbelievable.

I love staying in Vail, but in January, February and March, Keystone is much more affordable.

A gondola takes you to the very top of the mountain, where there is a restaurant. There are wide open ski runs, which are well patrolled, so even nervous snowboarders like me, feel safe.

Keystone reservations thank you.


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