The Guardian Angel of Snowboarding visited Keystone.

I really would like to thank the Guardian Angel of Snowboarding because she did look out for me this weekend. I enjoyed my weekend on the slopes at Keystone.

I do feel that I may be the oldest snowboarder out there, at least this weekend I was. I enviously watched all of the young kids flying down the mountain, graceful and fearless.

I will never be able to board like that, but I do enjoy my time on the mountain, and my technique had definitely improved. Everyone should see views like this. I stop and take photos as often as I can. It is so beautiful

I made it down the mountain without hurting myself on Saturday, what more could I ask for? I went back to the lodge, got changed and went for a walk. It was worth it.

I am not a professional photographer, but with views like this, how could I get it wrong?

This is Colorado in all it’s magnificent, rugged beauty.
I was tired when I got off the Gondola at the top of the mountain in Keystone for my last day of snowboarding today, but I needed to take in the view for one more time. Snowboarding brings you close to nature.

I made my way down the mountain without ever having to stop and take a foot out of my bindings. I picked up enough speed to keep going across the long flat areas. I only fell a couple of times. I had a blast and I am glad I persevered with this sport. I am a fifty-five year old snowboarder and proud of it.

This is a photo of me at Arapahoe Basin when I first started. Look how stressed and uptight I look.

The photo on the right is how I look now. Older, but much more relaxed.

So don’t worry, be happy!


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