The weather man!

So often the weather forecast predicts blizzards and snow storms that never ever happen. We are used to blizzard forecasts in Colorado. In 2003 it snowed in for three days. Unfortunately I spent one of those days at the airport with my daughter before being rescued by my husband.  We were  bound for Los Angeles to visit colleges.

In 2006 we got hammered again, just before Christmas. I got the last flight out of Denver to New York for a Christmas party and I had to beg the airlines to get my husband and I on a flight back from New York so we could spend Christmas with our daughter. Flights into Denver were cancelled for two days, it was a mess. We were lucky, and got home for Christmas.

This snow storm (and it is still snowing) must be the first big one I actually spent at home. It started snowing on Thursday evening and it is still snowing lightly now. The drifts are huge. Our driveway is long. I must stop procrastinating about getting a  snow blower and invest in one.

The photo to the left is how our house looked in March of 2003. This was after days if shovelling.

I don’t believe I took any photos in 2006. It was Christmas, I was too busy trying to put together the Christmas feast.









I have just taken the above photograph. My screen door is frozen shut, so this photo could be better, but would anyone like to join me on the deck for breakfast? Bloody Mary’s in the snow?

Time once again to dig out, and then go and buy that  snow blower. 


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