The Diet (Day 3) A small victory!

It’s a beautiful Monday because it is 8:20 and I am sitting in my PJ’s drinking coffee….hurray for Presidents day! There is a dusting of snow on the ground, but I am warm and snug inside with a very busy day ahead of me. I am about a quarter of the way through re-reading my latest novel before sending it to be edited. Hopefully it will take my mind off food.

I had a small victory yesterday. I lost the half pound I gained the day before….. I looked up something that weighs a half pound and came up with the iPad.

I have an iPad and it isn’t very heavy, unless you carry it around in your purse for a long time, then you feel it. So you see, every little bit of weight lost is beneficial.

Yesterday I did fairly well with dinner. I substituted wild rice for mashed potato, and only had a small portion. I ate more of the delicious pork than I should (but not as much as I wanted to eat). I filled up on brussels, mushrooms and red peppers.

I also had a couple of glasses of ‘Bogle’ OVZ. Red wine is good for you in moderation right?

Whats on the menu for today?

Just had breakfast of a small portion of smoked salmon on two Ryvita (crisp bread) and a latte made with low-fat milk.

If anyone is dieting along with me, I would love your input. Remember, I am not a dietician, I am simply experimenting with food to see which food suits me best. I want to be healthy and skinny.

Have a fantastic President’s day and remember, you only get one shot at life, don’t procrastinate… it!


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