Riding the Mountain at Keystone

As you can see it was a cold, snowy, windy day at Keystone. So windy I got blown over twice within the first 100 yards of my ride down the mountain. It was a little more sheltered as I descended.

My second run of the day was probably my best ever. I picked up some good speed and relaxed. Glad I came!

Twice down the mountain was enough today, each run is four miles and in the wind and blowing snow, that was quite exhausting.

I rested for a while at the Spoon ‘Cafe/Bar’ at the base, and enjoyed an ice-cold beer before returning to The Keystone Lodge.

Now I am warm and relaxed and looking forward to dinner at the ‘Wolf Rock Steak House’ where it seems there are some really good brews and my husband can get his ‘Chicken Pot Pie’ fix.

Something for everyone here at Keystone. Don’t be discouraged you ‘old snowboarders’, you can still improve at 55, and enjoy the ride!

Oh to update my diet…….not getting on the scales again until Monday.

If you want a short amusing read whilst sitting by the fire in the lodge, check out my two books, which are currently on a ‘Free Amazon Promo’, or follow me on Facebook for updates on my new novel ‘Dead of July’ which will be released in late Spring.


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