Dieting – Not good! Workouts wonderful!

Why is it so hard to diet? What is it about food we can’t resist. It’s fuel for our body, so why do we have such a ‘love hate’ relationship with it?
I started my diet pretty well and lost five pounds. I have been doing great in the evenings, eating healthier, smaller portions.  Then tonight I bought some French bread!!!! I brought it home with the intention of having one small piece, with a little cheese. It was soooo good. The second piece was larger than the first. Yes, I succumbed and ate way too much. Now I feel fat and guilty. It was just one slip up. One set back.I haven’t given up. Tomorrow is another day!

On a more successful note, I got plenty of exercise snowboarding on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday I walked three miles during my lunch hour, enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine. On Tuesday evening  I attended  a ‘Turbo Kickboxing’ class. On Wednesday I went to a Les Mills ‘body pump class’

Today, had a crazy day at work so no walk. We all know what I did tonight.

I will continue my diet tomorrow and hopefully have a better day. I would love to lose another fifteen pounds. I can do it.


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