New Orleans

Not many places in the US captured my heart like New Orleans. I thought San Francisco was my favorite US City,  until 2005, when we took a road trip from Denver to New Orleans. We stopped off in Columbus Missouri, just to sleep.

We spend a wonderful amusing night in Memphis. I didn’t have nearly enough time explore Memphis, but I will go back again one day.

Two weeks after we visited New Orleans, Katrina hit.

When I watched the news and saw what was happening I cried. I wasn’t just crying for the city, I was crying for the people I met there. They were real, hard-working, colorful people. I loved talking to everyone, they all had a story to tell.

I am not sure which is my favorite area on New Orleans. I love the Garden District, the French Quarter of course. The old Jazz Clubs away from the tourist area were great places to end the night.

New Orleans is not the most beautiful place in the world. It is pretty, not beautiful. The charm of New Orleans comes from the food, the music, the people and the complicated history.

We went back to New Orleans for a long weekend a couple of years ago. I felt exactly the same as I had on my first visit. You don’t ‘see’ New Orleans, you ‘feel’ it.

I was sad to see that many areas had never recovered from Katrina, and probably never would. It still had the same wonderful people, and the same wonderful atmosphere. The people of New Orleans re-built their lives and carried on. Their suffering made them stronger and I admire them.

I will go back again, and soon.


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