Fire in Colorado.

JEFFERSON COUNTY – The Lower North Fork Fire – which started burning Monday afternoon – was 70 percent contained on Friday afternoon after authorities say they had another good day of work on the fire. The fire has destroyed several homes. Two people were found dead in a burned area, and a woman is still missing after her house was found burned to the ground.

Colorado is dry and hot in the Summer, but Summer isn’t here yet, we are only in March.

If so many wildfires are breaking out in March, what is the Summer going to bring? March is usually our snowiest month so where is the snow?

Almost one year ago to the date, I almost lost my home in a fire.





The burning tree fire in Franktown was scary. It was the first time I was faced with the prospect of losing my home of fourteen years. A home with a view of the mountains, a home I love.

Thanks to the brave firefighters, my home, and the homes of my neighbors were saved. Let this please be a lesson to everyone to be careful. We have not had much snow down here in the plains and the grass is dry and brittle. If you are grilling outside, BE CAREFUL. If you smoke, please EXTINGUISH your cigarettes.

Before we know it, July 4th will be here, and the fire risk will be tremendous. Please be careful with fireworks. Enjoy your independence safely and don’t burn down this wonderful state.


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