Easter Memories

My very first Easter memory was a picnic on a chilly Easter Monday in the Yorkshire Dales.

We would load up the car with folding chairs, blankets and lots of good food and head out into the countryside. It was always cold, but a wonderful experience. The daffodils would be in full bloom, and the early lambs frolicking nearby. I liked Easter as a child.







Many Easter’s came and went, but the next one that stands out in my memory is 1988 when my daughter was young.

I showed her how to dye Easter Eggs in the same way as my mother had shown me, with flowers and onion peel. It was fun.

We also went for a walk to find the perfect branch to put in a vase and decorate ‘German Style’. It was a cold day, but my young daughter skipped and hopped and danced along the country path, enjoying every moment of it.

I miss those special days, but as the years pass by,  life changes and we celebrate special occasions in many different ways. What am I doing for Easter today?, meeting my now 27-year-old daughter for Easter Brunch.

When you get together with your family, it is always a special time.

Enjoy it, treasure it, and remember it.



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