My husband is a very smart man, some would even say brilliant. He is an IT Security GURU, and recently passed his CISSP Exam. He works with things called opensso and Identity Management.

You can tell by the way I reference them, that I don’t know much about this stuff.

Recently, I persuaded him to start blogging, and advertize his abilities, but it’s hard work as he is a reluctant blogger.

When he does manage to blog, he always finishes it with a few lines about his favorite football team.

His blog is called Information Security Musings IT Security Musings and each day it gets over a hundred hits. Granted around seventy percent are Arsenal Fans, but that still means around thirty people are visiting to tap into his IT knowledge.

The reluctant blogger gets more traffic than I do, and I have been blogging for two years.

If you are an Arsenal Supporter, or need an expert to help you with your Identity, Security, opensso or similar problems, please stop by his blog, or befriend him on twitter.

He is a reluctant, but successful blogger.

You can also follow him on Twitter. You guessed it, his is reluctant at tweeting too!

Follow @LETColorado


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