Totally Italy

Italy is on my mind every day. It’s been that way as long as I can remember. I dream of Rome. As I sit and drink my morning tea, I look at the digital photo display on my wall and a statue from the Vatican Museum looks back at me, followed by a sidewalk cafe in the Trastevere district. I wish I was there right now. 

This is the view from the bedroom window of the Marriott ‘Grand Flora’ on Via Veneto in Rome. This was the view we woke up to for the ten days we stayed there. I didn’t want to leave.





This is what I call ‘totally Italy’. An everyday scene of Nuns, motorcycles, scooters, potted shrubs and the hustle bustle of everyday life Italian style.







And then there is ‘Coliseum’.








The beauty of the Vatican Museum.








Sidewalk Cafe’s.








A candle lit dinner at the end of the day whilst watching the glamour of Via Veneto in the evening.







And finally watching the fishermen in Fiumicino on the evening before we flew home.

These photographs do not display the beauty of Italy, but the essence of it.

Arrivederci Roma. I will be back.






My next blog will show you Italy’s breathtaking beauty as we traveled from Rome to Sorrento. It can’t capture the atmosphere, but it will capture your heart.


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