A very memorable trip!

In 2009 I went to the Grand Velas at Nuevo Vallarta for the first time. I almost didn’t get there because the months leading up to it were chaos! I was working most nights until eight or nine because my company downsized. I had some issues with my lower back. I went on a major diet (which worked yeeeaaahhh).

Two days before we were due to fly out I had to postpone the trip for two at least two months because ‘Swine Flu’ was at its worst.

Yes, when I finally arrived in Nuevo Vallarta, I was more than ready for my vacation.

It was worth the wait! I had a beautiful relaxing vacation. The resort was breathtaking and the staff were incredible.

I am flying out to this beautiful resort again in less than a month and I can’t wait, especially since 2012 is proving almost as stressful as 2009.

Waiting for my vacation is like clawing my way up a steep hill, but I am almost there.









A beautiful small hotel with fabulous sunsets.









Soccer on the beach!









Glorious evenings.









I have vacationed in many places, but the Grand Velas has to be one of the most relaxing.



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