Werner Mountain – Cafe Diva – Arsenal and Sunderland?

Where do Arsenal come in? Football season has started and as I compose my blog I am watching Arsenal v. Sunderland. I have become a reluctant Arsenal fan as they are the team of choice of my husband, and have been for years, along with Newcastle. The Gunners have become part of my life.

Back to what my blog is really about. Steamboat Springs.

Last Saturday morning we woke up in the beautiful Colorado mountain town of Steamboat Springs. It was raining heavily, but in Colorado, that doesn’t usually last long. When the rain cleared we set off on our hike up Werner Mountain to the Gondola. Most people take the Gondola up the mountain and hike back down, but we wanted a challenge. A challenge is what we got, but it was worth it for the views. The 3.8 mile hike to over 9000 feet took every ounce of my energy, but the views were incredible.

Half way up the mountain

I stopped to catch my breath and enjoy the view several times. It was gorgeous.

The wooded trail was like fairyland



















Eventually I reached the top (about thirty minutes after my husband).

When I got back down my feet were happy to rest
as I enjoyed another beautiful panorama.









Cafe Diva

Rested and showered we walked to the nearby Cafe Diva. This was definitely one of the highlights of our visit. Cafe Diva was recommended by our daughter’s boyfriend, who calls Steamboat Springs home.

From appetizers to dessert, the meal was a culinary delight even Gordon Ramsay would enjoy. Perfect ambiance also. I have rarely seen such a good wine list and we ordered a bottle of wine recommended by one of the owners. I will return to this restaurant. As we listened to people at tables around us, we discovered just how popular it was. Some of the diners were from the East Coast and returned to Steamboat Springs time and time again so they could eat in Cafe Diva.

After a relaxing delicious meal we returned to The Steamboat Grand and soaked in the hot tub until the sun slid down behind the mountains. A perfect end to a perfect day!


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