Bats in the Attic?

Home alone and making the most of it by cleaning….yes I know, I am boring! Sometimes its just nice to throw on your old clothes, roll up your sleeves and clean those places that we leave for so long. I decided to open the lower shutters in my bedrooms and clean the windows.

These shutters have stayed closed for most of the summer because it has been so hot.

I opened them shutters in the small spare bedroom and saw what I thought was a furry brown mouse sleeping in the tiny space between the window and the shutter. It startled me, but we live in the country, mice happen.


I screamed and closed the shutters firmly. I have never seen a real live bat before and I was in a big panic. Home alone with a bat AHHHHHH!



I shut the bedroom door, just in case it woke up and started to fly around. After all, I had a cut on my finger, don’t bats like blood? I looked up the number for pest control, but no one answered. While I waited endlessly for someone to speak to me, I googled as much info as I could about bats, becoming more and more afraid.

If there was one, it probably meant there was a colony and they would be in the attic. August is the most likely month for a bat to come into your house. There were endless tips on catching bats, but I didn’t want to go into the bedroom again, let alone catch it. My skin was crawling.

What if there was a colony. How would I be able to sleep tonight?



It was obvious that my call to ‘pest control’ was never going to be answered, so I had to pull myself together and tackle the situation as best I could. I certainly couldn’t sleep with this thing in the house.

I donned rubber gloves and went back upstairs armed with a long broom. I crept into the bedroom, nothing moved. I opened the top half of the shutters as carefully and quietly as I could. My intention was to push out the bug screen and hopefully allow the brown bat to fly away.

I barely touched the bug screen before it flapped loose and fell to the ground outside. That must be how the bat entered my house, it flew blindly into the bug screen, causing it to come away at the side. It then entered the top window, which was open. Because I have shutters, the bat could go no further. It was stuck between the window and the shutters.

I had moved the shutters and made a fair amount of noise. The bat was either sleeping very heavily or it was dead. Nervously I opened the bottom shutter, preparing to run if the blood thirsty creature flew at me.

It didn’t.

I placed a Tupperware container beneath the window and knocked the bat into it. It was dead, and probably had been for some time because it was pretty dried out and crispy. Poor little creature (yes I could be sympathetic knowing it wasn’t a threat anymore), had obviously flown into the window  and got stuck in the tight space between the glass and the wooden shutters. It was probably a roasted bat, because of the heat that came through my south-west facing windows.

I put the lid tightly on the container and went downstairs to dispose of the dead animal.

The trap door to the attic is firmly closed and will remain that way until my husband returns from his trip to Utica. I am pretty certain we would know if we had bats in the attic, as he is up there often enough with the lights on, but you can never be sure.

I think the unfortunate furry brown bat just wasn’t paying attention to where it was going.

I do have the cleanest window in Colorado now. I uses a whole bottle of bleach to clean it.

Sorry the bat is dead, but glad I didn’t have to chase it around the house. Now I need a glass of wine.



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