Laugh at yourself in the Sunset of your life!

So this morning was one of those ‘why isn’t my computer working right?’ type of mornings. My photos kept disappearing, a draft I had prepared for this blog didn’t save, etc. etc. etc. You get my drift.

Disgruntled and frustrated, I decided to work on my bank account and pay my bills instead. Now, after finishing my chores and cooking dinner, I decided to come back and ‘fix’ my computer.

You already guessed didn’t you. There was nothing wrong with it. Senior moments come more frequently after you turn 55.

I couldn’t find the draft of my blog because I posted it on my other site. Someone will be checking looking at STOP TALKING TO ME  expecting a short ghost story, and instead will find a lovely posting about sunsets…..



Snowy Colorado Sunset - October 2011

Snowy Colorado Sunset – October 2011


Nuevo Vallarta – 2012

Cabot San Lucas – December 2009

A Roman sunset – August 2010

After this morning’s fiasco, I think I should probably go back and check my bank account too.

Hey, I can laugh at myself. Other people can laugh at me too. I am in the sunset of my life and PROUD of it.

Check out my short stories…..amusing ghost stories, they may make you smile. If you like them Follow me on Facebook and watch out for my upcoming novel (Preview) Dead of July which is currently with my editor.

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

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