Sunsets and Cameras

When I was a child, I imagined the entrance to Heaven would look just like this. 

I have loved taking photographs for my whole life. From my first little Kodak camera, to fancy Olympus and Cannon cameras with tripods, lenses, light diffuser. Every camera gave me pleasure.

First I took photos at Rock Concerts, David Bowie being my favorite. Then I got married, photos in abundance as we moved around with the army. Vacation photographs in France and italy.

Next I had a daughter so there were baby photos, horse shows, all captured on film. When digital cameras were invented I was in seventh heaven. Every year camera’s improve, the photographs getting easier to take and more and more pleasing to the eye. I could start my own museum with the cameras I have. I carry one in my purse, just in case I need it. My favorite camers is the on used for sunsets and actions shots. Of course there is also the camera on my cell phone. I am in heaven. What do I enjoy taking photographs of the most? Sunsets. They mark the end of a busy day and are always accompanied with a glass of wine. (My other passion).

Memories captured, never to be forgotten. 

I love my camera.


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