Yes it is a song by Kool and the Gang and it went like this.

My one and only child was due to be born on October 3rd 1984, I knew she would come early.

We lived in Germany, just outside of Dortmund, and on September 29th, I knew my baby was impatient to be born.

I went to bed that evening, but didn’t sleep long because the contractions started at around three in the morning. I tried several times to wake up my husband, but he just kept putting his arms around me and saying go back to sleep. GREAT!

Eventually, I got up and had a bath, it felt good. I got dressed, got my things together and went back into the bedroom at around eight o clock to wake up my sleeping husband. When he saw me standing there with my clothes on he got the message and showered at the speed of light. In no time at all we were on our way to BMH Iserlohn, the local Military Hospital. No one believed I had gone into labor because I was so very calm. Something kicks in with me in that type of situation, it’s like I am tranquilized. I just become serene.

It wasn’t a quick birth, in fact I was in labor all day while my husband sat and watched, drinking tea and being served meals by the nurses. I laughed, joked and breathed my way through the pain until it got unbearable. At around 4:30 I decided natural childbirth was not for me and I asked for something to ease the pain. The nurse came in and looked at me. “Too late now, I see the head”

They took me into the delivery room where my lovely baby girl was born at around ten past five in the afternoon.

Here she is 28 years later. I am a proud mother. She is beautiful, ambitious and extremely smart. Joanna, I love you!

Yes, she did get her name from the Kool and the Gang song. It was perfect and it suited her. 28 years later and she is still loved just as much as the day that she was born.


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