October – where did it go?







Every Sunday I spend 30 minutes (or longer) sitting on my deck, sipping a glass of wine and reflecting. It’s a great way to put one week to bed and think about the one ahead. Is occurred to me as I sipped my Shiraz, that this is the last weekend in October. Where did it go?


It seems like only yesterday it was September and I was blogging about my daughter’s 28th birthday, now it is almost Halloween, Thanksgiving is on the way, with Christmas snapping at its heels. The year has flown, but I have accomplished a great deal.


I finished writing my novel ‘Dead of July’ this year (Preview) Dead of July. I found a brilliant editor called Amy Eye, who is helping me perfect this book ready for public consumption. I am hoping to publish my book in March.

I am having my two published short stories re-edited and re-published:

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

I returned to the beautiful resort of ‘Grand Velas’ in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico and had a wonderful time. Total relaxation in beautiful surroundings. I met some really nice people there too. I wish I had asked them for their contact info.


I visited ‘Steamboat Springs’ Colorado for the first time and hiked up Werner Mountain. We liked it so much we are going back for Thanksgiving. We may even visit the Cafe Diva again. It was a gormet delight.


My lovely daughter started horse riding again, oh the memories came flooding back when I saw her on the back of a beautiful American Saddlebred. It’s been way too long. I think Longview Stables will see a lot more of her once she is done with Law School.

Yes so far 2012 has been a great year. I hope everyone who reads this blog stops and reflects on their year and shares their lovely memories with me.

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