Tales and Mishaps

This is the first book I published. I was so proud and excited when I received this box of books from the printer. My name on a book. I was a writer. This little story is about a seven-year old girl (me) and a premonition she has whilst on holiday (vacation) with her mum in Blackpool. I have had lots of lovely reviews written about this book. One even made me cry. You can still buy this book on Amazon, or even download it for free if you have Amazon Prime membership.

In January I am taking this book off the market to re-edit it. As my writing career progresses, I don’t want to be remembered for my mistakes, and I found a few in this book when I read it recently.

‘Guy at the Bar’ is a book I wrote for fun. I plucked up courage and showed it to my husband who, much to my surprise, enjoyed reading it and encouraged me to sell it as an e-book on Amazon.

This book didn’t receive so much publicity as the whole Social Media/Marketing business was new to me. ‘Guy at the Bar’ is a story about something that happened to a seventeen year old girl (me) on the way home from her local pub. This book will also be getting re-edited in January. The story will not change, but the way it is written will.


‘Dead of July’ is currently with my editor and will be published in March. I am proud of this book. It is going to be something everyone will enjoy reading.

It is the story about a young girl living in Germany in the early eighties (me). She is married to a British soldier, who has become used to her strange gift of predicting the future, and talking to ghosts. He was however, a little perturbed when she became involved with the Russian Mafia, both dead and alive. Below is a few sentences from her first involvement with the fowl smelling Viktor.

“You are going to pay for what you did,” he said with a heavy, guttural accent. “You will never be rid of me.” His fingers crawled around to the back of my head, pulling me toward him. I was too terrified to move. He leaned forward through the window so our faces were touching and kissed me roughly on the lips, biting me as he did so. The smell of his stale breath made me want to vomit and I jerked my head away from him.

I hope this little preview made you curious enough about my book to look for it when it is released in March. You can learn more about my book, my life and about me from the links below. 

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